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California Moderate Voices (“CMV”) makes independent expenditures in congressional races in California. One of our targeted races in 2020 is CD 4. Brynne Kennedy, a rising star in the Democratic Party, is planning to unseat  incumbent Tom McClintock.

Congressman Tom McClintock supports Donald Trump and the Tea Party 96% of the time.

In a congressional district that boasts more seniors than any other district in California, McClintock consistently opposes initiatives to ensure that Social Security and Medicare are an effective safety net for our seniors.

McClintock had his weakest primary showing ever in 2020.

He polled at less than 50% support in both Placer and El Dorado counties. McClintock attacked the life-saving shelter in place COVID-19 guidelines as the work of “tyrants,” comparing COVID-19 to the seasonal flu. He opposed federal aid to struggling small businesses and families.

In 2018, the Democratic candidate, even after a bruising contested primary, came close to defeating McClintock. During that cycle, CMV spent $600,000 in the CD 4 race. This year, we are planning to spend far more to ensure that McClintock’s poorly-served constituents know the facts about his record.

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Tom McClintock has shortchanged the people of California’s 4th District. He’s made it harder to access affordable healthcare, voted to raise our taxes, and overlooked everyday citizens while catering to Washington elites.

Instead of standing up for veterans, seniors, victims of violence and Californians devastated by wildfires, he’s voted to leave them behind.

We don’t need another politician marching in lockstep with Donald Trump–we need independent leadership that will fight for what is right.

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California Congressional District 4

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